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Ocean Wonder - 50 ml pump

A really fantastic moisturiser, bursting with wonderful herbs. Enriched with clean Icelandic seaweed and minerals that soften, strengthen and heal the skin.

Contains a natural sun screen. Ocean Wonder is a great facial cream for mature skin as well as for those of us with combination skins.

The cleansing properties of the seaweed help to draw out pollutants that have built up in the skin pores.

The cream is intended for a skin which needs nourishment and protection to slow down the aging process. Both Ylang-ylang and Chamomile are well known for their cleansing and healing properties.

Active Herbs :
Laminaria digitata, Chelidonium majus, Lycopodium clavatum, Anthemis nobilis
Chelidonium majus contains Chelodonine and is being investigated for its possible anti-cancer qualities. Chelidonine has an beneficial effect on cell division.

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Aqua, Prunus dulcis, Cetearyl glucoside, Cera alba, Buxus chinensis, Glycerin, Triticum vulgare, Butyruspermum parkii, Xanthan gum, Glucose, Phyto squalan, Calendula olea.


Purity Herbs advises using Purity Herbs Cleansing Milk and the Facial Tonic, as a beneficial treatment, before pampering the skin with the cream.

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Purity Herbs

Purity Herbs - 100% natural, organic cosmetics and skin care. Icelandic herbs and natural ingredients. No chemical preservatives are used. Eco-friendly and not tested on animals. The creams, lotions and gels have unique anti-aging, moisterising, nourishing and soothing properties. Improves dry, sensitive or oily skin, sores, burns, itching and rashes.