Essential Facts About Purity Herbs

  1. Clean natural Icelandic mountain water is used.
  2. A unique combination of different nature-products make Purity Herbs products so special.
  3. The products contain organic and natural Icelandic herbs that are hand-gathered.
  4. More than 50 types of herbs are used in the process.
  5. Only the parts of the herbs that will be used, are carefully harvested and the rest can continue to grow.
  6. We treat our nature with respect.
  7. No chemical or artificial materials are used in creams and oils by Purity Herbs.
  8. No perfumes are used, only pure grain oils.
  9. The used preserving agents are natural.
  10. Old habits and contemporary knowledge is mixed together to obtain the best result.
  11. The Facial Care product line contains anti-age working.
  12. Purity Herbs products are so pure and harmless that they can even be used on infants.
  13. Continuous research and development by our own laboratory.
  14. All the products are tested on allergies and have high scores.
  15. Products are not tested on animals and are all friendly to the environment.
  16. Products are harmless for the environment pollution after the production process.
  17. After using the herbal extracts the refuse is returned back to nature.
  18. The production process is by hand from beginning to the end, no machinery is used.
  19. All the products have specific miraculous effects because of the healing power of the herbs.

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